Choosing a Book/Method to Get Me Started


There are hundreds of methods and tutor books to choose from but the problem is finding the right one! It is always best to consult your teacher when choosing a method or tutor book, as they will have a wider knowledge of the selection, and a preference of what they like to teach.

One of the most popular methods is the Suzuki method. This method was created by Japanese violinist Dr. Shin'ichi Suzuki in the mid 20th century and places an emphasis on learning music by ear and starting at a young age. You can find more information on this method here.

You can also choose from the wide variety of more traditional method books such as the fiddle time series, or the college series. Each tutor book differs slightly so it is always best to consult your teacher or ask one of our staff members to go through a few with you.

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If you choose to do exams there are three different examination platforms in Australia: Trinity,ABRSM and AMEB. Each platform has a different syllabus (set of examination pieces), technical exercises, general knowledge, scales and aural tests, which you must learn in order to complete the examinations. To receive a certificate of examination completion you must also pass the music theory or musicianship examinations that correspond to the grade of which you are being examined.

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For more information on Trinity, ABRSM and AMEB please visit their websites.

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