Repairing or Restoring My Instrument


We have a comprehensive workshop to service and set-up all musical instruments that we sell, as well as repairs and restorations to your own instrument. Our three luthiers have over fifty years combined experience so you know that your valued violin, viola, cello or double bass will be in safe hands.

Repairs & Restorations

Our workshop offers services ranging from a simple string replacement to full restorations. Book an appointment to have your instrument assessed and we will give you a comprehensive guide to the necessary repairs. In most cases you will be required to leave the instrument to be assessed and one of our luthiers will contact you by email with the results. For this service, a fee is charged which can be credited towards the overall cost of the completed repairs.

Price of assessment for violin repair, viola repair, cello repair or double bass repair: $45.00

General Servicing

Stringed instruments are at their best when serviced regularly. Changes in temperature and humidity and general wear can affect the delicate balance and overall performance of the instruments. We recommend that your instrument be serviced every six months. When we sell an instrument to you, regular servicing is free for the time that you are the owner of the instrument as we like to know that your instrument is performing at its best at all times. We are happy to service instruments that have not been purchased from us, with service costs starting from $45. (Please note, servicing does not include parts e.g. strings etc.)

General servicing on instruments not purchased from SSC: From $45.00

Bow Repairs (Rehairs)

We offer the finest quality bow rehairing in as little time as possible to get you up and playing again. If you cannot bring the bow into the store, we are happy to receive rehairs via post. If sending your bow by Australia Post, please package safely in a strong cardboard or PVC tube and send to PO BOX 258, Willoughby, NSW 2068 with a covering letter and instructions with return address. If sending by courier, please address to 314 High St, Chatswood, NSW 2067. We will contact you on the completion of the rehair for payment.

Price of basic rehair for Violin, Viola or Cello: $120.00 (Double Bass: $125.00)

To read through our repairs FAQs please visit our workshop page.



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