SSC Library — Strings


Product Review: Magnacore C & G Cello Strings

In this video Doug reviews the Larsen Magnacore c and g strings.

Product Review: Warchal Amber E String

In this video Doug looks at the coiled Amber E string by Warchal.

HOW To: Change a String

In this video David explains how to change a string on your violin, viola or cello.

What Are Strings Made Of?

In this 5 part video lecture Lyris Hung answers some commonly asked questions in relation to orchestral strings such as: what are strings made of? how are they made? what is tension? how long do strings last? what is the difference between a steel and synthetic core? and many more...

String Core Types

There are 4 different type of core types; solid steel core, synthetic core, stranded steel core and gut core. For detailed written information on the different types of cores and their playing qualities please visit D'addarios website or watch this video.

String Winding

Part 3 of the string making lecture by Lyris Hung - String Winding