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We are always on the look-out for exceptional instruments and bows for our advanced and professional ranges. We offer a wide variety of both new and antique fine instruments and bows from Italy, France, Germany & Australia. Our customers trust us to deliver the best items to suit their needs and we pride ourselves on our ability to match players with their perfect instrument.

If you have a high quality instrument or bow that you wish to sell, we have customers both local and abroad who are ready to purchase. To be considered for a consignment sale, your instrument must meet our high standards & be in sellable condition*.

When selling your instrument through us it will be displayed in our award-winning showroom after being assessed by our experienced workshop for on-site restoration & tone optimisation. You will gain access to our large international customer database not only through our physical store but via our online platforms such as our website, Facebook, Instagram & Youtube. Our knowledgeable team of players and luthiers will research an accurate & current sale price for your instrument. We will regularly play your instrument to keep it sounding at its best & present it in the best light with relevant information regarding its history, maker & time period to interested customers.

If you would like more information regarding consignment sales or you have an instrument you think that we may be interested in, please contact Please attach photos of the front & back of the instrument & scroll. If you have a bow please attach photos of the side & front views of the frog, the tip & length of the bow. Please include any photos of relevant paperwork such as a certificate of authenticity.

Click here for instructions on how to take photos of your instrument for our consideration.

* The final decision to take an instrument in on consignment rests solely with 'The Sydney String Centre.'

Previously Sold

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