Win a GEWA Air Violin Case! 2017 Christmas Promotion

This year the SSC are giving our loyalty members and Facebook followers the opportunity to win a Red Shaped GEWA Air Case valued at over $900!

The winner will be the person who can create the most impressive pimped out violin case. For those of you not familiar with MTV's Pimp My Ride, we are looking for people to take an old, battered violin case that has seen better days and PIMP IT OUT! 

Extra points will be given for bling, bedazzling and unnecessary add-ons. For maximum points, don't forget to pimp out the inside of your case as well!

To enter, simply take before and after pictures of your pimped out creation along with a blurb of the features and send to or via facebook messenger ( For extra points, channel your inner xzibit with a video tour and send us the video link. Even more points will be given for video creativity i.e costumes, location, performance etc.

***Please note that the SSC will not be responsible for permanent damage to your case*** If you wish to participate but don't want to risk damaging your violin case, we have a number of damaged violin cases that are ready for you to pimp out. Please email to reserve one for you to collect from our Chatswood store. Alternatively you can also create your own violin case using cardboard or other materials. Be creative!  

Entries close January 20th 2018 so you have the Christmas holidays to get pimpin! For full terms and conditions please click here to download the PDF (84kb).