Beginner Instrument Rentals

We have a large range of beginner violins, violas, cellos and double basses available to rent in-store.

Our beginner rentals are good quality student instruments from brands including Kreisler, Schoenbach, Suzuki and Gewa. Each instrument is professionally set-up by a member of our workshop and played by a musician before leaving our store, and serviced by us on our premises. 

Our beginner instrument rentals are suitable for up to a third grade AMEB standard. If you are needing something suitable for a higher grade, consider looking at our intermediate instrument rentals

Why rent?

Renting a violin, viola, cello or double bass can be the perfect way for a beginner to start learning. Our affordable and flexible plans allow you to pay by month, or in three-month blocks (at a discounted rate). You can change sizes any time as your son or daughter grows, with no additional cost. As well as this, at any point while you are renting a violin, you can claim your first three months rent as a credit toward purchasing a new instrument*.

Before coming into the store, we ask that you pre-book your rental instrument through our website to ensure that we have an instrument available and ready for you when you arrive. 

We also encourage you to have a read of the commonly asked questions below, to prepare you for your visit. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Beginner Instrument Rental Rates

Deposit (refundable)
Monthly Fee
Quarterly Fee
$125.00 $35.00 $75.00
Viola 14" or smaller
$145.00 $45.00 $95.00
Viola 15" or larger
$145.00 $55.00 $115.00
$385.00 $115.00 $245.00
Double Bass 1/4 or smaller
$445.00 $165.00 $355.00
Double Bass 1/2 or larger
$495.00 $185.00 $395.00

What do I need to bring?

To rent an instrument from us, you must bring the following items with you to our store:

 - A current driver’s licence, Australian identity card or passport. If using your passport, we will also require proof of address such as a utilities bill
 - A valid Australian MasterCard or Visa credit card.

Can I have the rental instrument sent out to me?

At this time, rental instruments can only be processed in-store.

    How much time should I allow to rent an instrument?

    You should allow at least 45 minutes at the store for us to size the player, go through the contract and process the rental for you.

    Can I buy the violin, viola, cello or double bass that I am renting?

    Unfortunately no, as we prefer to sell you a brand new violin or cello to ensure you are getting an instrument in perfect condition.

    Do I eventually own the instrument that I am renting?

    The rental program is not a rent-to-buy payment plan. You can however, use your first three months rent and put it towards the purchase of any new instrument. If you are renting for more than 3 months, it is only the first 3 months rent that can be credited towards your purchase. 

    What if I don’t have a credit card or photo ID?

    We use credit cards both as security and future rental payments.  The first rental payment and all subsequent payments must be paid via credit card, however the deposit can be paid by other methods in-store. Unfortunately if you don’t have a credit card or photo ID, we would suggest purchasing an instrument using an alternative payment method.

    Will my instrument be insured?

    Yes, our rental instruments are insured for accidental damage only.  This does not include broken strings or damage from heat and/or water. Please see our full list of terms and conditions for more information.

      Do I get a partial refund if I return my instrument before the next rental payment is due?

      We do not offer partial refunds if you return your instrument any earlier than the end of the rental period, however if you are on a 3 monthly plan and you wish to switch to a month by month plan you can change at any time by emailing us or calling the store. 

      Why don’t we include shoulder rests with our rental instruments? 

      The foam on a shoulder rest can be difficult to clean, so for hygiene reasons we do not include shoulder rests with our rental instruments. A shoulder rest is a personal purchase based on body type, so a generic shoulder rest is not suitable for everyone. We encourage customers to purchase a shoulder rest that is most comfortable for the player and quite often one shoulder rest will be suitable for two or more violin sizes, so you are sure to get good value out of your purchase.

      Can a friend or family member pick up instrument for me?

      For security reasons we cannot allow friends or relatives to come and collect a rental instrument from our store on your behalf, unless the rental contract is made under their name and the regular payments are being paid by them. 

      If you wish to rent an instrument, then you yourself must be physically present in the store to sign the rental contract with photo ID. The name on the credit card being used for recurring rental payments must also match the name on the photo ID and rental contract.

      How are payments and deposits processed?

      Rental deposits are made in-store and can be paid via cash or credit card (Visa, Mastercard). The deposit is refundable (if the instrument is brought back in good condition) and must be refunded via the same payment method it was made. 

      Recurring rental payments are made via our automated online payment system ‘Chargify’. When you sign-up to rent in-store your details will be entered into their system and stored securely. To learn more about Chargify please visit: 

      As Chargify is an automated payment system, unfortunately we are unable to stop any payments from going through until your instrument is returned to our store. You will receive notice from Chargify a few days before the next charge is processed. 

      Please note that recurring payments cannot be made with American Express. Chargify will only accept a Visa or Mastercard.

      What happens if my card is lost, stolen or expired? How do I update my details and how do I get my deposit back?

      If your credit card is lost, stolen or expired, please contact us at your earliest convenience to update your payment details for the recurring payments. You can also update your payment details from the email you will receive from Chargify (our secure online payment system). 

      For rental deposits, we must refund the deposit back on to a card under the contract holder’s name for security reasons. If the deposit was originally paid in cash then the customer must provide proof of identity before the cash is returned.

      Click here to read our beginner rental terms & conditions