Request a Beginner Rental for Delivery

Looking to rent but can't make it into the store? Don't panic, we can have the instrument delivered to you! If you are in the Sydney Metro area, we can organise to have the rental either shipped or delivered to you in person. If you are outside the Sydney Metro area, we can have a rental violin or viola delivered to you. Cello and double bass rentals are available for Sydney Metro only.

Please note: this is a request for a beginner instrument rental to be delivered. We may not have the instrument or size you require at the time of request. We will notify you if this is the case

Before booking a beginner rental, please click here to read through our beginner instrument rental terms and conditions.

Beginner Instrument Rental Rates

Deposit (refundable)
Monthly Fee
Quarterly Fee
$125.00 $35.00 $75.00
Viola 14" or smaller
$145.00 $45.00 $95.00
Viola 15" or larger
$145.00 $55.00 $115.00
$385.00 $115.00 $245.00
Double Bass 1/4 or smaller
$445.00 $165.00 $355.00
Double Bass 1/2 or larger
$495.00 $185.00 $395.00

If you are unsure about what size instrument to get, please click here to check out our instrument sizing guide.

Once you have submitted this form, we will be in contact via phone within 48 hours to organise your rental. Please note that processing of the rental will depend on whether we have an instrument available. Payment of the deposit and rental amount will need to be processed with a credit card and completed over the phone. When processing the rental, we will also require a drivers licence number.

If you choose to have a rental instrument delivered, it is the hirer's responsibility to return the instrument when you are no longer wanting to rent. 

Do you agree to our rental terms and condition?