Intermediate Instrument Rental Terms & Conditions

The following rental terms and conditions are found on our violin, viola, cello and double bass rental forms. The hirer must agree to these terms and conditions before leaving the store with any one of our instruments.

1) By clicking the 'place my order' button at the bottom of the rental contract, I am agreeing to all the terms and conditions set out below.

2) The instrument remains at all times the property of The Sydney String Centre.

3) Any necessary repairs to the instrument can only be made by The Sydney String Centre.

4) On the day any outstanding payment is due the nominated credit card will be charged the full amount owing for the next rental period.

5) Should the transaction be declined for any reason, a dishonouring fee of $5 will be charged in addition to any outstanding amount. If the transaction is still declined after seven (7) days, a further $5 will be charged then, and every seven (7) days thereafter until payment is received in full.

6) The hirer's credit card details will be stored securely by 'Chargify' in accordance with privacy laws and will be used for the sole purpose of charging any amount as it falls due.

7) The instrument, bow and case are insured for physical loss and physical damage subject to the following exclusions. Insurance does not cover:

a) Any loss or damage caused by or resulting from:

i) natural ageing, gradual deterioration, inherent defect, rust oxidisation, moth or vermin,

ii) any repairing, restoring, retouching or similar process,

iii) aridity, humidity, exposure to light or extremes of temperature unless the loss arises as a direct consequence of an event not excluded under this insurance,

iv) breakage of strings unless breakage is a direct result of loss or damage to the instrument,

v) infidelity of persons to whom the insured property may be loaned,

vi) theft or disappearance of the property from any vehicle when such vehicle is left unattended unless the property is kept in a locked boot or, if the vehicle does not have a boot, the property to be kept in locked vehicle and not in view. This exclusion shall not apply where loss occurs whilst the equipment is being loaded or unloaded from a vehicle.

b) Consequential loss of any kind.

8) Upon the return of the instrument the hirer will receive back in full their deposit on the condition that the instrument requires no repairs as a result of the hire period, in which case an appropriate amount will be deducted.

9) If the instrument has sustained extensive damage, such that it is deemed no longer in a saleable condition, The Sydney String Centre reserves the right to charge the hirer for the full replacement cost of the instrument even if it is the intention of the hirer to return the instrument.

10) I acknowledge that the condition, maintenance and care of the instrument are my responsibility.

11) At any time during the rental period, or at the immediate end of the rental period, the hirer is entitled to have their rental payments for the first three months refunded should they choose to purchase a new intermediate instrument from The Sydney String Centre at that time. This offer is only available if you are on a monthly or quarterly plan and can only be applied to instruments from our intermediate range or above. THIS IS NOT A PAYMENT PLAN. THE RENT PAID DOES NOT GO TOWARDS PAYING OFF THE INSTRUMENT THAT YOU ARE RENTING. ONLY THE FIRST THREE MONTHS RENT CAN BE CREDITED TOWARDS THE COST OF ANY NEW INSTRUMENT FROM OUR INTERMEDIATE RANGE OR ABOVE. THIS OFFER IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR THOSE ON A WEEKLY PLAN.

12) Rental prices are subject to change.