Win a GEWA Air Cello Case! 2018 Christmas Promotion

We are running a competition exclusively for our loyalty members and Facebook followers where you have the opportunity to win a beautiful Orange GEWA Air Cello Case valued at over $2,000!

This year’s winner will be the person who can compose and perform the most creative poem or song about their cello. The poem or song has to contain these three words:

Ad-lib, String and Air

Entries must be submitted as a video and uploaded to Youtube. Extra points will be given to those who present their poem or song in a unique and entertaining way. 

Entries close 21st January 2019, and the winner will be announced the following day. For details about the case please follow this link:

How to Enter:

1. Record yourself performing your poem or song. The song or poem can be spoken or sung. You can film yourself performing the poem or song or you can dub a recording of your poem or song over other visuals. Either way, the video should visually reflect the content/theme of the poem or song. 
2. Upload your video to Youtube.
3. Send us the link to your video via along with a typed copy of your poem or song and the entrant's full name, address, postcode, telephone number and e-mail. If the entrant is under the age of 18 then we also require written consent from their parent or guardian giving permission for the minor to enter. If you are entering as a group then the details of all members must be given. 

For a full list of terms and conditions please follow this link:

Judging Criteria:

Extra points will be awarded to those who present their poem in a unique and entertaining way. Here is a list of judging criteria:

1. Creative writing
2. Musicality/voice animation
3. Costumes, props, setting, choreography and or animation

If you have any questioned regarding the competition please email