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6 Sonatas for Violin and Basso Continuo - Franz Benda - Violin G. Henle Verlag

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ŒñGallantŒî and ŒñsensitiveŒî by no means implies boring and old-fashioned. Proof of this is given by Franz (FrantiŒ_ek) Benda, the Bohemian Paganiniof the 18th Century. Not only was his life extremely colourful and succ essful, but also his musical compositions that were primarily for the violin. They are great examples of his compositional ability and mastery of the violin. Our highly praised Urtext edition with six selected sonatas from the masterŒÍs different creative periods Œ_ including four first publications Œ_ will provide a rich experience for all those violinists whoare prepared to step off the usual beaten track. Your efforts will be r ewarded!