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Larsen Magnacore Cello Set Medium 4/4

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Introducing: Magnacore by Larsen

The Magnacore C & G have a warm and focused sound, abundantly rich in overtones with great volume and exceptional string response even when played in pianissimo - right from the start.

The Product:

Magnacore strings are wound on a concentric stranded steel core. The windings consist of high-quality Tungsten wire and precision rolled flat wire. They are offered in two tensions, medium and strong. Whereas the medium tension strings offer a wonderful full and braod sound, the strong tension strings are distinctly more focused.

With Magnacore G and C strings, Larsen company has succeeded in:
- Completely eliminating any metallic, harsh or gritty sound
- Distinctly improving their playability in pianissimo
- Minimizing the playing in time before they reach their full sound potential


"The Larsen Cello Magnacore G and C strings satisfy all the demands a professional cellist could make." - Jorgen Fog, Vienna Philharmonic

Thanks so much for the new Larsen Strings you put on my cello last Saturday. You were right, the Larsen Magnacore on the C & G strings make a big difference. Love the sound!!! Thanks for your help." - Diane