SSC Library — Cello


Instrument Servicing

Stringed instruments are at their best when serviced regularly to maintain their delicate balance and overall performance!

How to Tune Your Instrument

Tuning your violin is something that you will need to do every time you play and as a beginner, this can be a very difficult task. Don’t worry though! The more you practice tuning your instrument, the easier it gets, so you will soon be a pro.

Cello Case Comparison Video

In this video Doug goes through the pros and cons of our current range of Cello Cases. He looks at the SSC foam case, the Kreisler Pod, the Kreisler Slim, the Hiscox, the Bam Hightech Slim and the GEWA Idea Ultralight.

Caring for your String Instrument

With the hotter weather fast approaching, see how best to look after your violin, viola, cello and double bass!

Which Violin Should I Buy?

Choosing a new violin should be an exciting experience and our aim is to make it as simple as possible for you.

Everything You Need to Know About Rosin

In this video Andrea answers some commonly asked questions about rosin: