About The Sydney String Centre

Our story

The Sydney String Centre was established in 1991 by David and Carmel Glanville. Carmel’s years of experience as a player and teacher, combined with David’s expertise as a maker and repairer, allowed The Sydney String Centre to be a truly specialised hub for orchestral string instruments. These days, The Sydney String Centre is a family company, with David and Carmel’s three children – Douglas, Libby and Max – all involved in the business.

Our Violins, Violas, Cellos and Double Basses

Over the years, we have sought out string instruments that represent both good quality and value for money. We travel overseas regularly to thoroughly examine and test the latest products from around the world. Our combination of overseas and local contacts allows us to stock a wide range of instruments from Europe, Asia and Australia. Our exacting standards ensure that we do not sell inexpensively made, low quality instruments that may be found online and elsewhere; this, combined with our comprehensible set ups, ensures that we only provide high quality string instruments in excellent working order.

Our reputation as providers of quality stringed instruments means that we have exclusivity in both Sydney and Australia of many fine brands. Instruments are selected by our team of buyers who are either players, makers or both and wherever possible we work directly with the manufacturers to ensure the best possible quality at the lowest possible price.

Our String Instrument Workshop and Set-ups

We have a comprehensive workshop to service and setup all stringed instruments that we sell. We also repair and restore your valued violins, violas, cellos and double basses.

Read more about our workshop.

Our Staff

All our staff are trained musicians and or luthiers with many years of experience in the industry. View our staff page.