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Free Standard Domestic Shipping over $80
Free Standard Domestic Shipping over $80


Do you have a fine string instrument or bow that you are looking to sell?

At The Sydney String Centre, we are always on the look-out for exceptional instruments and bows for our professional ranges.

Having one of the largest selections of fine instruments and bows in Australia, players travel far and wide to try our range. Our customers trust us to deliver the best items to suit their needs and we pride ourselves on our ability to match players with their perfect instrument.
Why choose to sell your instrument or bow through us?

Why choose to sell your instrument or bow through us?

Your instrument be displayed in our award-winning showroom after being assessed by our experienced workshop for on-site restoration and tone optimisation. You will gain access to our large local and international customer database not only through our physical store but via our online platforms such as our website, Facebook page, Instagram and YouTube channel.

Our knowledgeable team of players and luthiers will research an accurate and current sale price for your instrument, and if necessary, seek external opinions from experts in Europe. We will regularly play your instrument to keep it sounding at its best and present it in the best light with relevant information regarding its history, maker and time period to interested customers.

To be considered for a consignment sale or purchase, your instrument must meet our high standards and be in sellable condition*. 

For us to assess whether your instrument or bow meets our criteria, we require as much of the following information as possible. Please submit all information and photos of your instrument or bow via the consignment & acquisitions form below, and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.

Previous certificates, past valuation or appraisal information

Previous certificates, past valuation or appraisal information

If you already have a certificate of authenticity, past valuation or appraisal information for your instrument or bow, please include a digital copy in your submission.

For instruments and bows of a certain value, professional certification may be required before sale. If your instrument or bow fall into this category, certificates of authenticity are something that we can arrange at a cost with our partners in Europe. We will let you know if this is necessary after the initial assessment of your instrument.

Photos ~ Instruments 

Photos ~ Instruments 

For instruments, please provide clear pictures of the front, back and side of the scroll, against a plain background. Photos taken on your phone are perfectly fine as long as they are in focus. Please do not include the case. We only need photos of the instrument.

Please also include a picture of the makers label. If your instrument has a label, it will be on the inside of the instrument, which can be seen when you look through the F-holes. 

When photographing labels, we recommend using the wide angle lens on an iPhone and placing the instrument under a bright light. If you are unable to take a clear photograph, please provide us with written details of the text on the label.

Pictures ~ Bows

Pictures ~ Bows

For bows, please provide pictures of the frog and the tip. Photos taken on your phone are perfectly fine as long as they are in focus. For best results we recommend taking you images under natural window light against a plain background.We may require extra images that involve removing the frog of the bow however, please do not attempt to do this without verbal instruction over the phone.

*The final decision to take an instrument in on consignment rests solely with 'The Sydney String Centre.'

If your instrument or bow meets our criteria and you wish to go ahead with selling your instrument on consignment with us, we charge a non-refundable consignment assessment fee of $150. This is an admin and handling fee that includes professional photographs of your instrument or bow, a pricing estimate and a full condition report conducted by one of our luthiers.

Consignments & Acquisitions

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Meet Our Fine Instrument Specialists

Cecily McMahon-Pearce, a graduate from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music is an incredibly accomplished musician, having completed her AMus on both violin and viola.

She has toured internationally as an orchestral player and has lived and worked as a string teacher in Sydney, Hong Kong and London.

While living in London, Cecily ventured into the violin trade industry, where she spent 12 years honing her skills as a fine instrument specialist.

Cecily is now the sales manager at The Sydney String Centre, and is passionate about utilising her expertise to guide musicians in selecting the perfect instrument to suit their needs.

Douglas Glanville (Doug) began his musical journey at age four learning the cello. He achieved his Amus while still in high school on a music scholarship and was able to travel around Europe several times performing with various ensembles.

Doug continued playing and performing cello while studying Arts Law at Macquarie university, graduating in 2008. In that same year he travelled to Germany and worked in the violin-making industry under the direction of two master violin makers in the small town of Bubenreuth, Bavaria.

In 2009 Doug returned to Australia and took up the manager’s position at The Sydney String Centre working in both the showroom and the workshop. Under Doug’s leadership, the business has now grown to over 40 people and is the largest violin business in Australia. In 2019 he became the managing director.