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Free Standard Domestic Shipping Over $80
Free Standard Domestic Shipping Over $80

String Instrument Sizing

Playing on the correct size violin, viola, cello or double bass is crucial to a players development and directly affects their ability to learn and have fun. This is why, at The Sydney String Centre, we always strive to find a size that the player feels most comfortable on.

The best way to find the perfect size is to come into our store and be measured against a real instrument. However, if you're buying online or having a rental violin sent out to you, our useful sizing guides below are the next best thing!

Instrument Sizing Guides

Just Getting Started?

At The Sydney String Centre, our aim is to get you equipped, informed and inspired so that you can start playing music and having fun as soon as possible! If you're completely new to the world of stringed instruments, we recommend browsing our blog posts so that you're a 'know-it all' by the time you visit us in-store or receive your first instrument in the post.