Renting a Violin, Viola, Cello or Double Bass

Why rent?

Renting a violin, viola, cello or double bass can be the perfect way for a beginner to start learning. Our affordable and flexible payment plans allow you to pay by month, or in three-month blocks (at a discounted rate). You can change sizes any time as your son or daughter grows, with no additional cost. As well as this, at any point while you are renting a violin, you can claim your first three months rent as a credit toward purchasing a new instrument*.

Currently we do not have a mail-out service for musical instrument rentals. If you plan on coming into the store you can pre-book your rental instrument through our website.

You will need to bring a driver’s license (or other identification showing photo, current address, and date of birth) and a credit card.

What quality are the instruments?

All of our rental violins, violas, cellos and basses are good quality student instruments which have been professionally set-up and serviced by us on our premises.  The instruments come from our rental pool and are all in excellent playing condition.

Although all our rental instruments are in excellent playing condition, that doesn't necessarily mean you will get a brand new instrument.  Whether you will or not depends on our stock levels at any given time. Rest assured that whatever instrument you receive will be playing beautifully.

Can I buy the violin, viola, cello or double bass that I am renting?

Generally no, as we prefer to sell you a brand new violin to ensure you are getting an instrument in perfect condition.

Can I have the rental instrument sent out to me?

Unfortunately we do not send rental instruments out because there is too much risk involved. To hire an instrument you must come into our store.

What if I don’t have a credit card?

We use credit cards both as security and for future musical instrument rental payments.  The deposit and first rental payment can be made by other methods in-store, but all subsequent payments must be made by credit card.  Unfortunately if you don’t have a credit card, we have no other options for you to rent and would suggest purchasing an instrument.

Will my instrument be insured?

Yes, our rental instruments are insured for accidental damage only.  This does not include broken strings or damage from heat and/or water**.

Musical Instrument Rental Rates

Instrument Deposit (refundable) Monthly Fee Quarterly Fee
Violin $125.00 $35.00 $75.00
Viola 14" or smaller $145.00 $45.00 $95.00
Viola 15" or larger $145.00 $55.00 $115.00
Cello $385.00 $115.00 $245.00
Double Bass 1/4 or smaller $445.00 $165.00 $355.00
Double Bass 1/2 or larger $495.00 $185.00 $395.00


It’s always best to contact us before coming in to rent an instrument to ensure that we have your size available and ready for you.  Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions either before renting or at any time while you have a rental instrument from us.

Click here to read our rental terms & conditions