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Violin Bow - Arcus S8 Gold 585 Round

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The S-bows are the lightest and strongest Arcus violin bows. Their sound is big, brilliant, powerful and round, but more bright than warm. They are the perfect choice for most soloists and also great for jazz, rock and folk music. 

The S-bows are a great match for all dark sounding instruments. They are available with round sticks that play more steady and feel very steady and octagonal sticks that play rather agile and lively. For many years the S-series bows are our bestseller and you can find them in all the great orchestras around the world. 

Many concertmasters and soloists have made an S8 their primary bow. It not only draws the most colourful sound from every instrument, but allows to cut through in even the most demanding circumstances. It is especially suitable if you are looking for a bow that brings out more brilliance and power from your instrument.

Stick: Octagonal or round
Weight: Approx 49 grams
Frog: Selected snakewood