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Free Standard Domestic Shipping over $80
Free Standard Domestic Shipping over $80

You're invited to our fine bow exhibition - Masters of Bow Making!

The SSC have teamed up with Florian Leonhard Fine Violins London, to bring you an exhibition of exquisite antique French bows, held at the Sydney String Centre from 30th April - 9th May.

There will be a range of bows to try from celebrated French masters, such as Lamy and Sartory, each bow hand-selected in London by our fine instrument specialist Cecily McMahon-Pearce, with prices starting at $45,000.

Along with these fine French bows, we will also have a range of modern and antique bows starting from $10,000 on display.

This amazing selection of bows will only be available for examination and trial until the 9th of May, so please don't hesitate to contact us on 02 9417 2611 or click the link above if you'd like to have a play.

Whether you're a player or collector (or both!) this is a fantastic opportunity to own a piece of bow-making history!

Don't Miss the exhibition night with special guest speaker from Florian Leonhard Fine Violins London, Lauri Tanner

Join us Saturday 4th May 5:30pm, for a night of French wine, fine French bows, and a talk from our special visiting guest, Lauri Tanner - Head of Bow Making and Restoration at Florian Leonhard Fine Violins London.

Lauri, along with bow aficionados David Glanville & Phil Hartl will be discussing the makings of a good bow, rehairs, bow maintenance & more.

Meet the Panel

Lauri Tanner made his first musical instrument when he was 15 years old. He first studied to be a guitar maker, and worked as a guitar maker in Helsinki for five years.

Developing interest in the restoration of historical instruments, he decided to take up studying violin making at Newark School of Violin Making, graduating in 2013. During his studies, Lauri turned his attention to bows, attending the BVMA course and VSA Oberlin summer courses, before starting at Florian Leonhard Fine Violins in 2015.

Lauri has a great interest in the working methods of old violins and bow makers, and enjoys reading historical woodworking publications. Lauri also lends his services as a bow restorer to the Royal Academy of Music two days a month.

With over three decades of experience, David Glanville is a revered figure in the Australian string instrument community, renowned for his expertise in orchestral string instrument bow rehairs and repairs.

After studying viola, David found his true passion in violin making and repairs, learning the craft from Cedric Clark and Harry Vatiliotis in the 1980s before co-founding the Sydney String Centre with his wife Carmel in 1991.

Currently serving as the Head of Bow Rehairs and Restoration at The Sydney String Centre, David also lends his expertise as a consulting Luthier, contributing to the continuous growth of the centre's comprehensive workshop.

Internationally acclaimed for his versatility as a musician, violinist Phillip Hartl has received outstanding recognition from artists and music producers alike.

With a background as a performer, producer and studio musician, Phillip has been a first choice soloist and concertmaster for recordings and concerts for artists including: James Galway, Natalie Cole, Lee Kernaghan, George Benson, Henry Mancini, Tommy Emmanuel, INXS & Silverchair.

Beyond his remarkable performing career, Phillip is deeply passionate about education, regularly imparting his expertise to the next generation of musicians. He has lectured in film music and performance at AFTRS, served as concertmaster for numerous chamber and orchestral ensembles, and offered private violin tuition, reflecting his commitment to nurturing musical talent.