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Albert Nürnberger Viola Bow Markneukirchen Germany

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This viola bow was made in the Nürnberger workshop during the 20th century. The Nürnberger family began making instruments and bows in the mid-18th century with Johann Adam Nürnberger in Markneukirchen. Since that time, there have been 8 generations that have continued with the family tradition of bow-making. This tradition has continued on to the present day with Christian Albert Nürnberger who is still making bows today. Between the family members is nearly 300 years of experience making them one of the most well-respected & longest running bow making families in the world. The stamp ‘*Albert Nurnberger*’ began being used in the 1920’s & has been used by various members of the family including Franz Albert Jr., his son Carl Albert, his grandson Karl Albert & his great-grandson Christian Albert.

This viola bow is labelled ‘*ALBERT NÜRNBERGER*’ and weighs  62.9 grams. The stick has been cut octagonally and is made from pernambucco. It measures 745mm in length and has silver lapping with a black leather grip. The frog is made from ebony and is silver mounted. 

This bow has a flexible stick with an outstanding level of control which facilitates more complex strokes such as spiccato, ricochet and sautillé. It responds quickly and allows the player to accentuate the softest pianissimo to the strongest fortissimo. This bow would be suitable for tertiary level study and the advanced to professional level musician.

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