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Free Standard Domestic Shipping Over $80

Arcus T5 Silver Round Cello Bow

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The T5 has all that will make it a true classic: Warmth, brilliance, agility, stability, a great bounce, really good looks and perfect robustness. Like all Arcus bows it offers the most comfortable playing, never tiring your bow arm. Do we need to mention that you can travel the world without restrictions and that it will work perfectly in every climate?

The T-bows are perfectly suited to the majority of cellos with medium-sized bodies and balanced sound. Their special feature is a sound that is both warm and brilliant, which can open up the sound amazingly and provide the player with a wide variability of expressions.

Before they are engraved and assembled, every Arcus stick is tested and classified according to its resonance quality.

Made in Germany
Weight: 71g
Stick: Round
Frog: Snakewood
Outfit: 935 Silver

Arcus: The Bows of the 21st Century

Arcus bows were invented with the goal of offering never before seen levels of performance and the best sound. It is obvious that imitating traditional bows would not work so they must look, feel and play differently. The right Arcus bow should make playing more enjoyable than ever and allow performance beyond expectations.