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Free Standard Domestic Shipping over $80

Arcus S9 Gold 585 Octagonal Cello Bow

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The brilliant tone and high resiliency of the S-series make them the ideal bows for large and dark sounding instrument like for example Goffriller and Montagnana models. Their superior projection and power allow you to cut through the most demanding concert halls and to match any pianist or violinist that might get carried away. The S-bows with octagonal sticks are especially bouncy while the round ones follow your hand with utmost precision.

The S9 is the ultimate bow for every soloist. It will get the most beautiful sound out of your instrument, it provides incredible power and projection while speaking instantly on the lightest touch. It sits perfectly on the strings and offers perfect safety as well as incredible agility. You have to play it to understand the miracles it can work.

Weight: Approx. 69 grams
Stick: Round or octagonal
Frog: Selected Snakewood