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Cello Endpin Stopper - Artino Wooden Sound Anchor

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This Artino Cello Spike Stopper stops your spike from slipping and protects your floors, whilst also enhancing the sound of your instrument.

The idea is that sound and vibrations from the cello that run down the spike are being wasted when using a rubber stopper because they are being absorbed into the floor. With the Artino Wooden Sound Anchor however, the vibrations run through the spike and into the wooden hollow chamber, allowing for a full bodied resonance and enhancement in the sound of the cello.

Staff and customers have all been surprised by how much it actually enhances the sound... "Wow, it actually works! There really is a difference!"

The stopper has a non-slip rubber on the base, an ergonomic pin hole for the spike and an adjustable strap that goes around the leg of the chair to ensure your cello is held steadily in place. Set the desired length of the strap and have the stopper at the perfect distance from your chair every time you go to play!

The Artino Wooden Sound Anchor is fully adjustable and can be used for all ages and heights. It is the stopper of choice for players who do a lot of performing on stage and want to optimise the projection of their cello.