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Cello Stool - Round Plastic Adjustable 6.5-44.5cm, Red

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These height adjustable cello stools are comfortable, lightweight, affordable and easily stored.

They are perfect for parents looking for a chair that can be adjusted as their child grows, and for teachers who need a studio chair that will suit students of all ages (including adults).

It is very important for cellists to be sitting on the right size chair - when seated, their legs should be at a right angle to the floor. Playing whilst sitting on a chair that isn't the right size can be uncomfortable and detrimental to their technique, however this stool ensures that players of any height will always be in the correct playing position.

To adjust the height, simply twist to unlock, extend the chair to the desired length and then twist in the opposite direction to lock it into place.

These stools are available in six great colours: Black, Grey, Aqua, Blue, Yellow and Red, and all come with a nifty carry handle.

When fully collapsed they measure 6.5cm x 25.5cm and weigh 0.95kg, making them very easy to store and transport.