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Don't Fret Violin 1/8 Size - Finger Placement Decal

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Don’t Fret Stickers for violin are decals that you can apply to the fingerboard of a violin indicating correct finger placement.

If you are having trouble with correct violin finger placement, this is the perfect teaching aid for you. The Don’t Fret decals cover all the semitones of an octave on each string, whereas the First Fret decals cover each note in first position on each string.

A clean and simple substitute for conventional violin fingerboard tape, these extremely durable decals can be applied quickly and easily to the fingerboard. Please watch the video and follow the instructions on the packaging to ensure correct installation. If purchased from our store, we are happy to install the decal on your instrument free of charge.


+ Don’t Frets cover all the semitones of an octave on each string.
+ Perforated lines across the Don’t Fret decal mean you can tear off sections of the decal once the player has learnt that position.
+ Available sizes: 1/16, 1/10, 1/8, 1/4 (also suits 11” viola), 1/2 (also suits 12” viola), 3/4 (also suits 13” viola), 4/4 (also suits 14” viola).
+ Different colour indicators for each note.
+ Unlike conventional tapes which have to be applied one-by-one, the Don’t Frets and First Frets have all the indicators on the one decal, so there’s no fiddling around trying to find the correct position for each individual indicator.