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HorACE Violin Bow Guide 4/4-1/2

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The Horace Bow Guide for Violin is a teaching aid that will help correct violin bow placement on the strings.
If you are having trouble bowing in the correct spot or if you’re bowing on an angle, then this is the perfect violin teaching aid for you.

The Bow Guide attaches to the c-bout of the violin and the perspex channel acts as a guide, keeping the bow straight and in the appropriate position on the strings – halfway between the bridge and fingerboard and parallel to the bridge.

Its clever design doesn't prevent the strings from vibrating and gives full movement over all four strings.
It is great for students who are just learning to use the bow or have trouble keeping their bow straight on the strings.

We recommend using this teaching aid two weeks on and two weeks off repetitively until you see improvement, so that the player does not become completely reliant on the aid.


+ Beginners, young and old, enjoy the rewards of playing sooner, and progress though lesson material faster, because less time is spent on bowing corrections.
+ Great for violin students having private lessons, school orchestra programs, and self-learners.
+ Size: Will fit 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4 violins (will also fit 12", 13" and 14" violas).