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Humitron Humidifier for Double Bass

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If you live in, or are traveling to a country with a very dry climate, chances are you will need a humidifier. Humitron humidifiers help to prevent the harmful effects of a dry climate such as wood cracking. They designed to replace moisture that is removed from the structure of an instrument by the action of both climate and air conditioning. The internal retention material can hold up to ten times its weight of water releasing it as a vapour through precision vents cut along the length of the tube.

To use, simply submerse the Humitron in water for several seconds, and while removing it wipe the excess water off and place it in the f-hole of your instrument. To determine whether you need to use the Humitron, listen to your local weather forecast, and if humidity falls below 50% it is time to use the Humitron. Made in USA by RDM