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Leatherwood Bass Rosin

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Leatherwood BASS is the ultimate multipurpose, heavy orchestral rosin that is designed to suit all players, in all styles, in all climates.

Heavy Orchestral | Auditions | Solo | Chamber

BASS is an all-purpose, all-climate rosin designed for heavy orchestral playing with reduced string noise. Suiting students and professionals, BASS feels smooth and velvety across the string with plenty of bite and power on the lower strings. BASS is everything you want, everywhere you play.


What is the difference between Leatherwood BASS and Leatherwood Amber Range?

Leatherwood BASS has a powerful, sticky attack, with a large and broad tone, yet it retains the same smoothness and ease of use of the Amber Range. BASS offers great reliability and durability in heavy orchestral playing. If you're looking for a rosin with those characteristics, then this is something for you. BASS is the reliable, heavy duty rosin for everyday use. The Amber Range rosins provide a clear, rich and noble tone with a smooth sensation under the bow, minimising bow noise. The Amber Range is for the most highly demanding and refined players, who wish to accurately fine tune their tone and playing experience, through choosing a combination of recipes from a wide palette of choices on offer.

Which weather conditions are BASS and BASS EXTRA designed for?

BASS and BASS EXTRA are optimised to work best in temperature controlled concert halls and studios. The ideal temperature range is between 18 and 23 °C.
Above 24 °C, these rosins start to become softer and lose grip, which can result in a waxy feel on the bow hair. For outdoor concerts in warm weather they may not be ideal.

In colder weather, both BASS and BASS EXTRA will perform well, but will feel harder in the hand. In very cold and dry conditions, BASS EXTRA will perform better as a strong orchestral rosin.