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Rabbath - Solos for the Double Bassist - Double Bass Liben 079D

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Rabbath has a remarkable technique and musicality and has appeared as soloist and teacher throughout the world. His recordings of solo Bach and his own solo compositions have achieved almost cult status, and Liben published eleven of his solo works in 1979. This volume was newly typeset in 1995, partly sponsored by Corelli Strings, and is a valuable addition to the solo virtuoso repertoire. Each solo has a particular character and mood which combines wonderful 'crossover' music with rhythmic vitality and energy. Eastern influences are ever present with driving rhythms and drones, and Rabbath makes no concessions for the technical difficulties of the instrument. Some of the solos have been newly edited, and this excellent editions contains many useful fingerings and bowings. Here is music to challenge, enjoy and perform.

Table of Contents:


Iberique Peninsulaire


Poucha Dass


Papa Georges

Sete Quate

Ode D'espagne

Concerto in One Part

Creasy Course