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Leon Mougenot Cello Mirecourt 1906

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Leon Mougenot was one of the most well-known Mirecourt makers of his time. He started his apprenticeship with Emile LAURENT and then joined Georges MOUGENOT, a cousin of his father's, in Brussels from 1887 to 1894 Then he worked for Paul BLANCHARD, Lyon, from 1894 to 1896, P JOMBARD, Paris, from 1896 to 1898, HILL, London, until he settled his own workshop in Mirecourt in 1899, at 4, avenue Victor Hugo. In 1909 he won a gold medal at the Nancy international exhibition.

This cello has great projection and its slim upper bout makes it a dream to move about the fingerboard. It is in excellent condition for its age with almost all of its original varnish and very few marks or cracks.

It would be suitable for any serious tertiary student or professional. Many of Leon Mougenot’s instruments are played in professional orchestras in Australia and around the world.,