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Spin Now! - The DJ Starter Handbook - DJ Shortee Hal Leonard Book/DVD-ROM

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DJ like a pro on any type of gear! Spin Now! puts you on the fast track to DJing, whether you want to be a digital DJ or vinyl junkie. In this book and accompanying DVD-ROM, Los Angeles DJ, world-class turntablist, producer, and classroom instructor DJ Shortee teaches you everything you need to know so you can start mixing tunes like the pros! Œ‡ From CDJs, turntables, and DJ mixers to DJ Software, MIDI controllers, and more, discover the tools of the trade and how to choose which are best for you. Œ‡Learn how to set up different gear and how to operate it correctly Œ‡ Fi nd out where to get music and how to select your tunes in order to create your own unique sound. Œ‡ Learn how to identify beats, count music, sync tempos, and match keys. Œ‡ Master the basics of cueing, scratching, anddroppin' on the one. Œ‡ Learn how to create seamless mixes through beat matching, blending, and EQing. Œ‡ Discover useful practice techniques, get advice on how to promote yourself, learn how to survive your first gig, and more! The included DVD-ROM contains specific exercises directly correlating with lessons in the text, including material that lets you play along in real time. Each technique is taught using both CDJs and turntables and can easily be applied to any DJ software and controllers. No matter what equipment you use, Shortee's lessons are essential to learning how to DJ like a pro! Want to become a Pro DJ? Learn from one!