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Things 4 Strings Bow Hold Buddies Studio Kit Blue

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The Things4Strings Studio Sets contain teaching aids that will help fix a violin, viola or cello bow hold in an instant!

The Cellophant Studio Set contains 12 x Cellophants and the Bow Buddies Studio Set contains 12 x Bow Buddies. Each set also comes with a free magic rosin and they are both available in two colours: blue or black.

If your students are having trouble forming a correct violin, viola or cello bow hold, then these are a great teaching aid for you to use. Buying in bulk will also save cost to you and your students.

Once installed on the bow, the clever animal designs will guide your students hand into the right position and train the hand to hold the bow correctly and naturally through muscle memory. Students enjoy producing bowed tones right from their very first lesson, and, with no need for constant bow hold corrections, string teachers and parents optimise valuable instruction and practice time.

We recommend using the teaching aids two weeks on and two weeks off repetitively until you see improvement, so that students do not become completely reliant on the aids. Please see the video below on how to install the Things4Strings accessories correctly.

Invented by master string teachers Ruth Brons and her mother Martha Brons, the Things 4 Strings® patented bow accessories are award-winning products that have helped countless violin, viola and cello students shape and stabilise bow holds – moving beginning players to a functional bow hold.

Ruth Brons was recently honoured for her work advancing strings education by the American String Teachers Association (ASTA) with the prestigious Kudos Award. “Bow Hold Buddies dramatically reduce the time it takes students to master a proper bow hold. Students' energy can be redirected towards other challenges. Quicker progress, more fun!” said Brons.

To read more about the Bow Buddies Set or the Cellophant, please see the individual product pages.


+ Beginners, young and old, enjoy the rewards of playing sooner, and progress though lesson material faster, because less time is spent on bow hold corrections.
+ Continuing players have found these accessories very useful for remedial work.
+ Therapists have found many special applications for players with physical challenges in their bow hand.
+ Things4Strings bow hold accessories are great for violin, viola and cello students having private lessons, school orchestra programs, and self-learners.
+ Universal-Fit, for all beginning players, ages 3 through adult on any size bow.
+ Engineered with solid pedagogy and made in the USA, these accessories are moulded of the finest medical-grade silicone rubber, are durable and washable.