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V.A. Cello Wolftone Eliminator Chrome

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SKU J1-520850

A chrome tube and mounting screw with an interior rubber sleeve, that fits around the string that produces the wolf note (typically the G string) below the bridge. Different placements of this tube along the string influence or eliminate the frequency at which the wolf occurs.,,To install the eliminator, simply unwind the screw, remove the inner rubber and place the rubber on the affected string between the taipiece and the bridge. Then place the metal casing back around the rubber and wind the screw in to secure the eliminator to the desired position. Be sure to position the screw at least 90 degrees away from the slit in the black rubber. Start with the eliminator about an inch away from the bridge and keep moving it around until you have found a good spot that eliminates the wolftone enough without compromising the sound (resonance) of the cello.