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Cedric Clarke Violin Sydney 1995

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This violin was made by Cedric Clarke in 1995 in Sydney. Clarke was born in Turramurra NSW in 1929. His father was violin maker C.H.S. Clarke, with whom he learned the basics of woodworking and instrument making from before joining him in the workshop of A. E. Smith in 1944. In 1947, he moved to the restoration workshop of Lloyd Adams, where he worked until Adams moved to the United States, prompting Clarke to take over the business. While restoration and repairs were his main trade during this time, Clarke also made his own instruments on the side, and though his output has been relatively small, he is known for his excellent workmanship. This violin is labelled "Cedric Clarke / Anno 1995". The body measures 354mm along the back, 166mm across the upper bouts and 205mm across the lower bouts. It has a two-piece back of highly flamed maple, with a matching scroll and ribs of a slightly broader curl. The top is of a moderately wide-grained spruce, the varnish is a dark amber, and the pegs, chinrest, and tailpiece are all ebony. This instrument is in good condition. In terms of sound, this violin has a focused, broad character which would befit solo and chamber repertoire at a professional level. It has a quick response and is well balanced across all registers. Please contact us if you would like to book an appointment to try this beautiful Australian violin.