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Wilfer Tekka Adjustable Violin Chinrest Ebony

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This Tekka-style ebony chinrest fits 4/4 violins, with chrome fittings. It is made in Germany in the workshop of Reiner Wilfer, with a slightly different shape and height than a normal Tekka chinrest. This chinrest is height adjustable and so is easily able to suit the individual player. It has a arched plate, suitable for players who like to hold their violin further towards the middle, in comparison to the Dresden-style which lets the player place their chin further to the left. It is a large sized chinrest with a medium depth cup that mounts next to the tailpiece and extends slightly over it. The lip is nicely rounded yet clean and sharp, giving an arched effect. This chinrest sits to the left of the tailpiece, and can be screwed on using a chinrest tool (see recommended products).

To install, loosen up the brackets and rest the chinrest to the left of the tailpiece, as seen in the product picture. Following this, insert the tip of the chinrest tool into one of the little holes on the bracket, and turn to tighten. Repeat with the other bracket.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to come in store to have your chinrest fitted.

*Chinrests come with violin barrels, please let us know in the comments on check out if you require viola barrels instead.