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Chinese Folk Songs Volume 1 - Violin Solo edited by Chen/Hwang/Yang Cont Book Co V63

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Flower-Drum Beats of Fong Yang

Painted-face Role


Beautiful Red Wheat

Folk Song of Yun Nan

Duldal and Maria

Kite Flying

Embroidering a Golden Tablet

Tap Dancing of Tibet

Little Black Horse

Sun Rises Joyfully

Dancing Tune of Elunchun

Sweet Osmanthus in August

Dancing with Dragon Lantern

Embroidering a Purse

In the Far Away Place

The Golden Sun

By the Spring of Butterfly

Dancing Tune of Mongolia

Pastoral Song of Mt. Tien

Hand in Hand

A Song of Herd Horses

Dancing Tune of Yan Tribe

Tibetan Dancing Tune

The Little Inn

Harvest in Fall

Dancing of Umbrella

A Folk Tune

Under Mt. Snow

A Folk Song of Qing Hai

The Pretty Lady

Dancing Under the Moon

Sundry Goods Selling Song"