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Lord of the Rings - Violin/CD/Piano Accompaniment Alfred IFM0412CD

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Music from all three films arranged for string instruments. Desirable and collectible, these instrumental folios are loaded with black-and-white photos of scenes from all three films. They are printed on top-quality antique paper stock, and the covers showcase the new "trilogy" artwork. The string series was written especially for violin, viola, and cello. Each book features a piano accompaniment and a carefully crafted removable string part complete with bowings, articulations, and keys well suited for the Level 2-3 player. A fully orchestrated accompaniment CD, with demo tracks (featuring live string performances) and play-along tracks, completes each package. The string books are completely compatible with each other and can be played together or as solos. Due to level considerations, the string books are not compatible with the books in the wind series.

,The Fellowship of the Ring
,1. The Prophecy
,2. In Dreams
,3. Concerning Hobbits
,4. Many Meetings
,5. The Black Rider

,The Two Towers
,6. Gollum's Song
,7. Rohan
,8. Evenstar
,9. Forth Eorlingas

,The Return of the King
,10. Into the West
,11. Steward of Gondor
,12. Minas Tirith